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Crystal Clear Video Surveillance

Are you a business owner that is concerned with the level of security at your workplace?

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of business video solutions for high tech, manufacturing, retail shops, resturants, and many other small, medium to large industries. We sell a selection of high-end HD cameras including 180 to 360 dome cameras, fixed lens cameras, pan/tilt lens cameras, outdoor/night view cameras and IP video servers for advanced needs.

Our business video systems can help provide you with peace of mind, ensuring you always know what is happening at your business. Every business owner should ask themselves "What is my liability if I don't have a video monitoring system?" If you own a small business, our video surveillance systems can help provide inexpensive and effective loss preventin capabilites.

Key Benefits

Know exactly what's happenignat your business at all times
Mobile apps with real time video monitoring from your cell phone
Wireless cameras
Local customer support for installation and maintenance
Reduce worker compensation claims by knowing when employees are in compliance with safety regulations
Reduce employee theft
See distant corners of warehouses and traditionally difficult places to acess
advanced integrated video software solutios and integration

Contact us today to learn more about video surveillance.

You'll wonder how you ever ran a business without a video monitoring system!