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Network Structured Cabling

We do Voice and Data Cabling for new construction, tenant improvement, remodeling and existing office buildings.  As one of the most respected Licensed Low Voltage Contractors in the Northwest, our strengths are our technical expertise as cabling installers in Riser Cabling, Voice Cabling Installation, Network Cabling Installation, Riser Management, Fiber Optic Cabling and as a Network Cabling Company.

Wireless Networking

Our high-performance business-class wireless networking products are great solutions to your long range wireless needs.  Our Routers, Access Points, Client Bridges and Adapters are designed with high-power transmitters and extremely sensitive receivers to maximize coverage in large areas, offices, warehouses, and multi-story buildings.  High-power output up to 600mW and increased radio sensitivity allow you to cover a larger area with lower cost and less equipment.  Find what you need to setup line-of-sight, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network.
Data Fibers

IT Deployment

We do many IT Deployment and data services projects for many National Accounts, Fortune 500, and many local Businesses. We install T-1, DS-3, T-3, DSl, PRI, and other Broadband services. We install Data Racks, Routers, Switches, Cable Management, and Wireless Networks.

Data Networking

We do the infrastructure, everything from where the desktop plugs in, the Patch Panels, the Data Racks, the switches, etc. We have partners that also can help you with the Servers, PCs, Firewalls and software and IT Management.