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Security Systems

Crystal-Clear Video Surveillance

Are you a business owner that is concerned with the level of security at your workplace? Advanced Communications Services, Inc. designs, installs, and maintains various high-end video surveillance security systems, including both indoor and outdoor video surveillance equipment. We offer small, medium, and enterprise class systems for large institutions and businesses throughout the Northwest that are in need of reliable security services and solutions. We do Fully Digital IP Systems, new High Definition Systems and regular Analog Camera Systems and solutions. We try to meet your budget and your application.

Let our experienced technicians install the latest in technology for CATV and satellite video surveillance systems. We have experience installing and servicing department stores, country clubs, hotels, shopping malls, resorts, restaurants, bars, and office buildings. Reach out to us today if you think you could benefit from a surveillance system. Video security surveillance is critical to:

• Protecting life and property at your facility
• Monitoring business activity remotely and from a cell phone
• Enforcing policy compliance
• Providing real-time alerts that enhance unexpected event management
• Providing company protection and avoidance of lawsuits
• Providing 24-hour real-time remote monitoring
Camera Monitoring

Alarms Systems

Ensure that your business is safe with the installation of an Alarm System with 24 hour monitoring.

The benefit of this service is knowing that your commercial property is under constant surveillence while you are away. You now have the ability to be alerted in real time by your alarm system and if necessary the police will be notified immediately. 

Door Access

Advanced Communications Services, Inc. has a variety of standalone digital keypad and proximity card access control systems equipment to meet virtually any need.

Our product lines include a variety of standalone digital keypad readers and proximity card readers to accommodate the most basic to sophisticated access control applications. Choose from indoor, outdoor and vandal resistant digital keypads to proximity card readers and wireless stand-alone solutions.